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    When a stroke creates uncertainty in the lives of patients and their families, specialized post-stroke care teams from Minute Women Homecare can provide the home-based recovery support that accelerates good outcomes and restores hope for families.

    We understand the effects of a stroke can be devastating for patients. Loss of motor skills, communication abilities, and general mobility are just some of the functional limitations that require therapy and ongoing treatment. When a loved one is released from the hospital, the work to recover begins.


    How Does Home Care Help a Stroke Survivor?

    Recovery can be quicker in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of home, with pets, loved ones, and a qualified home caregiver nearby to aid the process.
    Enjoy comfortable surroundings in which to learn or relearn skills and adapt to any physical limitations.
    Things will be done the way you want them. Caregivers are available on your terms, providing the assistance you define.
    No disturbance of routine. No new facility to get used to.
    Living at home promotes independence and motivates the spirit, especially important in the initial weeks adjusting to life after a stroke.
    For family caregivers we offer 24-Hour and Hourly Respite Caregivers to give family caregivers a well-deserved break

    In-home Stroke Care

    Our in-home stroke caregivers create a safe and comfortable environment, particularly for those facing memory loss. Through the development of a personalized daily routine, our staff members can encourage a higher level of independence for every senior.

    24-Hour Care

    In need of around-the-clock assistance? We provide our motivated caregivers who are awake, alert, and ready to help you at any hour of the day or night.

    Live-In Care

    Perfect for families who would like around-the-clock while having a care. Live-in care provides optimal senior home care at the lowest cost.|

    Hourly Care

    We can provide senior home care services in many different situations. Every senior has different needs, so hourly care is the most flexible service.

    We assist with cleaning, transportation, and respite care. We also help with:

    • Bathing
    • Showering
    • Dressing & Undressing
    • Sleep problems
    • Toileting
    • Other Daily Challenges

    Our caregivers encourage engagement, support your family and focus on the dignity of the person with dementia. We provide as many or as few hours of care as your family needs.

    Reasons to Choose In-Home Care

    Here are a few reasons to choose in-home care.

    Help keep your loved one at home

    Most of the seniors we care for want to remain in their own homes. This is particularly important to those with dementia, as staying in a familiar environment increases the likelihood that they will remain active and independent.

    Reduce burnout you and other family face

    Seniors with dementia tend to have active family involvement, but family caregivers can quickly experience burn out. Our experienced caregivers will give you a well-deserved break so you can get back the quality time you’ve lost with your family, your ailing loved one, and yourself.

    Improve your loved one’s quality of life

    Our in-home dementia care services consist of developing social interactions and keeping your family member engaged in mind-stimulating activities. We help minimize behavioral and cognitive symptoms while motivating your loved one and increasing social interactions.

    Minute Women Home Care is here to support your family. Our approach to in-home care is highly personalized so we can help your loved one maintain the best quality of life possible. If the need ever arises, our caregivers are also available for live-in and hospice care.

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