Senior Home Care Services

Below is a list of our senior home care services available to families in the Metro-West Boston area. If you don’t see a particular home care service you are looking for, please give us a call so we can discuss your specific needs and guide you in the right direction.

24-Hour Care

In need of around-the-clock assistance? We provide our motivated caregivers who are awake, alert, and ready to help your loved one any hour of the day or night.

Live-In Care

Perfect for families who would like around-the-clock care but can allow their aide to sleep at night in a private bedroom. Live-in care provides optimal senior home care at the lowest cost.

Fall Prevention

Falls are one of the most common causes of hospitalization among seniors. We help with fall recuperation and prevention, so you can be sure your mom or dad is safe at all times.

Dementia Care

We provide delicate care to individuals at any stage of Alzheimer’s disease. We help ensure your loved one is taking medications on time, eating correctly, and that he or she is always comfortable and safe.

Hospice Care

Our experienced hospice aides are available to provide medications for your loved one as they go through this final transition. Your loved one will be treated with dignity while provided the comforting care they deserve.

Hourly Care

We can provide senior home care services in many different situations. Every senior has different needs, so hourly care is the most flexible service you can receive. It is catered to the exact hours your parent needs care.

Hospital & Rehab Discharges

Hospital and rehab discharges can be unexpected and can happen quickly – usually near the end of the week, leaving families scrambling. Our fast turnaround time means you can count on us if you need senior home care services immediately.

Wellness Visit Program

Have you moved out of town or even out of state? If you have, then who’s left to check on your parents? Who can see if they’re eating right, bathing regularly, or taking out the trash? Click below to see how our senior home care services can help.

Low Cost: Fall Detection Systems

Technology that allows for a degree of relief from the stress, time commitment and emotional strain of onsite caregiving by only alerting caregivers you when there is an event that requires attention.

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