Hourly Care

This is our most common service provided. You are looking for under twenty-four hours a day of senior home care but still need a caregiver to make sure your parent is safe.

Hourly services can be extremely flexible.  As your parent needs more care we can increase services quickly.  If your parent needs less care as they recuperate from an injury we can lower the number of hours needed weekly until services are no longer required.


How Our Hourly Care Makes a Real Difference

Life is all about perspective. In-home care allows our clients to remain in their home, but it also allows family to be family again by taking them out of the hands-on caregiver role. That was the case with Cecilia, a retired nurse who had lived in her own home for 47 years.

Cecelia was physically frail and required assistance with self-care (bathing, dressing, and light housekeeping) as well as colostomy needs. Not all hourly care agencies are able to care for ostomies, so Cecilia was fearful that this would force to leave her home. She was upset that her daughter’s visits were always centered on providing some type of care rather than enjoying their time together.

When we spoke to Cecelia, it became clear that her biggest goal was to have caregivers able to handle her colostomy. She wanted to be sure that her caregivers could meet all of her obligations so her daughter could just be her daughter again.

Four years later, Cecelia has formed bonds with her caregivers well beyond her medical needs – she shares news from her daily papers, excerpts from her book-of-the-day (yes, she reads a book every day!), or analyzing the previous night’s Red Sox game.  And best of all, she’s still in her cherished family home! 

Hourly Care Services

There are a number of situations where adult children decide to call us. It can be for long-term senior home care or a more short-term approach. We will work to accommodate every living situation and try and give you the best options available.

For hourly care services here are some of the more common situations:

Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities have a lot of private agencies working with a client in them.   When an older adult starts to decline, they can require more services than the ALF can provide, the family is then told that their parent is no longer appropriate for the community unless they secure outside help.

  • The senior has dementia but refused to go to the memory care unit
  • The senior has had a stroke
  • The senior is a fall risk and safety risk
  • Ongoing hospital trips
  • Discharging from the hospital back to the ALF (this can be for a few days to a few months depending on the senior’s recovery)


We have provided care to senior home care to clients who would feel unsafe at home while their children are at work and school. That’s why we offer “while-at-work” hourly care where we can provide care for 6-8 hours a day.

This allows a family member to run errands, go to work, or children to go to school and when they get home, the caregiver can leave for the day.


Companionship hourly cases are common and can occur in any setting.

We have provided companionship to seniors who were in a hospital or rehab centers and their family just didn’t want them to be alone.

Other cases have been when the family is leaving on a vacation and they want their parent to be with someone during the day.  This allows everyone peace of mind that if their parent needed assistance someone would be there.

A bond and friendship can be made between the caregiver and the client and it makes it much more enjoyable when they are working and spending time together.


There are countless times where have provided transportation for seniors as part of our hourly care services

Common examples are:

  • Hospital/Doctor Appointments
  • Errands/Shopping
  • Events with Family
  • Grocery Shopping/Dining Out
  • Dialysis

We can drive your parent’s car or have the caregiver drive their car when providing transportation.  The majority of case, the caregiver is driving their own vehicle.

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