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Minute Women Home Care is a premium non-medical service provider that enables our clients to live at home with dignity and respect by assisting with their activities & norms of daily living. We support families in their mission to allow their parents to age-in-place rather than transitioning to a nursing facility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to match long, stable clients with long, stable caregivers to allow seniors to age-in-place.


At Minute Women we are a solutions-focused company, always providing choices to our clients. We believe that people matter: including clients, their families, caregivers and our office staff. We believe in our “four core principles.”


Providing quality care is our mission. Our goal is to always provide a level of care that would be acceptable if it were our families being cared for. We believe that treating someone with dignity is part of providing exceptional


Service is at the core of what we do. Providing the best customer service for both our customers and our caregivers is how we separate ourselves. We will be the easiest and most convenient to work with.


We are committed to educating the community on their options regarding aging in place. We are involved in multiple associations where the core principle is to educate and be a resource for families who have questions about what their options are.

When a family needs services that are outside our service scope, we become a resource for that family. We can provide them information on other services within our industry to provide them with the proper support.


We believe that integration of new technology is important to our mission.  Introducing new technology to our clients, caregivers and in the office will provide better care for our seniors.

For Over 50 Years

Ryan's first day at Minute Women offices

Ryan’s first day at Minute Women offices

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Minute Women was created in 1969, in Concord, Massachusetts by Carol Cucci. She named the company after the Minutemen soldiers, but since it was a women-owned company, she opted for Minute Women rather than Minute Man.

Carol noticed a need for working families that had aging parents in need of care. There were no assisted living communities and fewer nursing homes available, but families had the same goal as they do today, preventing their parents from moving into a nursing facility and keeping them at home.

As Minute Women grew, Carol moved the company to various locations in Concord and Bedford, before settling in Lexington where we have been for over thirty years.

At one point, Minute Women provided senior care, child care and house cleaning services. Over her 40 years, Carol has provided care for tens of thousands of families in the Boston suburbs.

In 2011, Carol sold the company to Ryan McEniff, her nephew, after his experiences as a family caregiver. Since then, Minute Women has been focused on becoming the premier provider of home care services in the greater Boston area.

About Our Owner – Ryan McEniff

Ryan McEniff

Hi, my name is Ryan McEniff, and thanks for your interest in Minute Women.

I grew up locally in Concord, MA, and went to school at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI where I studied Business Administration.  After college, I moved out to Denver, Colorado for the sunshine, skiing, and exploring the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, my plans changed after my mother received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis in April of 2011. After a few flights back and forth to my parent’s home in Florida I decided to pack up and move there to support my mom for the last few months she had left.

I experienced the firehose of information many other families have gone through when a crisis occurs with a parent. My father and I hired private home care services and hospice services for end-of-life care. We went through the stress of doctor appointments, accepting a terrible diagnosis, and living with and caring for a loved one who we knew would pass away sooner than we all wanted.

Through this experience, I ended up speaking with my Aunt, Carol Cucci, who offered me the opportunity to run Minute Women Home Care. I had always wanted to become a business owner and I thought it was more than a coincidence that I was provided the opportunity to fulfill this dream while also providing help to families in the same way that others had helped me and my parents. This was my mother’s last gift to me.

I jumped at the opportunity and spent the next twelve months learning the home care industry. Luckily, I was (and still am) fortunate to have a great team in the office as well as exceptional caregivers who have helped Minute Women thrive under my direction for over 50 years in total.

In addition to Minute Women, I am a public speaker. I have presented at conferences, associations, and small networking groups, and am always appreciative of referrals and introductions to these opportunities. You can learn more about my past and future seminars on my speaking page Ryan McEniff Speaks!

Ryan McEniff Speaks

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