Dementia Care

At Minute Women Home Care, our dedicated team specializes in providing compassionate dementia care services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. We understand that every person’s journey with dementia is distinct, which is why we prioritize a detailed assessment of your loved one’s requirements at the outset and continuously throughout their care journey. Our trained and experienced caregivers offer personalized assistance to ensure seniors feel safe, secure, and able to age comfortably in their own homes.

Unlike many other home care providers who may offer generic dementia care services, we are committed to delivering a higher standard of specialized support. While some may provide what we call “dementia-lite” care, we go above and beyond to focus on the person behind the memory disease. From our initial consultations to ongoing training for our caregivers, we prioritize a comprehensive approach that truly addresses the specific needs of those living with dementia.

At Minute Women Home Care, we believe in providing not just care, but genuine warmth and professionalism in every interaction. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families facing the challenges of dementia, ensuring they receive the personalized attention and support they deserve.


Caring with Purpose: How Our Dementia Care Service Makes a Difference

At the heart of our Dementia Care Service lies a commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients. Our mission is centered on pairing dedicated, long-term caregivers with clients to provide dignified and respectful care, fostering an environment where individuals with dementia can thrive. 

We prioritize the professional development of our caregivers, offering comprehensive person-centered dementia training upon hire and continuous education opportunities, including access to a training app for self-paced learning. Additionally, our caregivers receive specialized training tailored to the unique needs and behaviors of each client, ensuring they are equipped to provide the highest quality of care.

We understand the importance of creating a nurturing environment that promotes both safety and independence. Our focus on mid and late-stage dementia premier care empowers our clients to age in place comfortably and securely, preserving their sense of autonomy.

Feedback from families is a testament to the impact of our services. Many adult children express gratitude for the support and reassurance provided by our memory care professionals and office team. By entrusting their loved ones to our care, they find peace of mind and the freedom to step back into their roles as adult children, knowing their parents are in capable and compassionate hands. At Minute Women, we strive to not only meet but exceed expectations, offering families the invaluable gift of peace and respite amid their caregiving journey.

We received a call from Dan’s wife Kelly, who made the choice that her husband needed personalized, one-on-one care in his memory care community.

Dan had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s and was wandering in and out of other resident’s rooms. Needless to say, this behavior caused a lot of stress and frustration in the unit.

We know that memory impairments make change even more difficult for seniors, so with that in mind, Kelly wanted Dan to feel at home as long as possible. Our caregivers became Dan’s shadow and kept him safe in common areas and his own room.

They were able to balance his dignity and his personal boundaries. We cared for Dan for over six months until he was moved into a nursing home. Kelly was grateful we could facilitate her husband’s transition into Alzheimer’s care.

In-Home Dementia Care

Our in-home Alzheimer’s and other related dementia care creates a safe and comfortable environment, particularly for those facing memory loss. By developing a personalized daily routine, our staff members can encourage a higher level of independence for every client.

We assist with all activities of daily living (ADLs), including bathing, showering, dressing/undressing, toileting, eating and mobility. . We can also help with:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Transportation
  • Sleep problems
  • Other Daily Challenges

Through our intensive and ongoing training our caregivers are also skilled at helping with:

  • Redirection
  • Repetitive Questions
  • Wrongful Accusation
  • Eating and Drinking when the client is resistive
  • Bathing when the client is resistive
  • Wanting to Go Home
  • Anger and Agitation
  • Hallucination and Paranoia

Our caregivers encourage and facilitate engagement with your loved one, support your family and focus on the dignity of the person living with dementia. As the saying goes: “If you’ve met one person with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ve met one person with Alzheimer’s disease”. 

In-facility Dementia Care

Leaving one’s home and moving into an Assisted Living community is a big change that often is the right move at the time, but as a loved one’s memory disease progresses what once worked may not work anymore. Memory changes can lead to issues and/or behaviors that jeopardize your loved one’s ability to remain safely in their apartment, whether it is in traditional or memory care. The 1:1 supervision, support and in-facility care our caregivers provide may be the answer. Moving your loved one to another apartment or facility can be traumatic and cause more memory issues and/or behaviors. When a person with dementia moves into a facility, it’s usually because their condition has progressed to the point that living at home is no longer an option, or the best option. 

1:1 Care

Many facilities and communities have limitations on the amount of personalized care they can offer each resident, which can present challenges if your loved one’s needs exceed what is provided. Our memory care professionals are here to bridge that gap by offering additional one-on-one care tailored to your loved one’s specific needs, for as long as it’s required. This not only ensures continuity of care but also prevents the need for another disruptive move, providing stability and peace of mind for your loved one.



Effective communication and collaboration with senior living communities are crucial to ensure proper care and safety for your loved ones. While you are our valued customer with the final say in care delivery, we recommend partnering with community professionals. Your input is vital, and we are committed to incorporating your needs into our care plans. Through collaboration, we ensure your loved ones receive quality care aligned with your expectations, promoting their well-being and comfort.


Throughout our experience, we’ve provided support to seniors across various facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes. However, the most prevalent settings are independent living communities and assisted living/memory care facilities. Regardless of the living situation, there are always opportunities to enhance and improve the physical environment where individuals reside. We are dedicated to finding ways to optimize their surroundings, fostering a sense of comfort and well-being.

Couples Care

As couples age together, they often provide mutual support and care. However, when both individuals face dementia, or one experiences a different stage of the disease, challenges arise. Similarly, when one spouse has dementia while the other does not, navigating care can be complex.

Couples Care offers an ideal solution for such scenarios. Our Couples Care specialists are trained in dementia care through programs endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Association, ensuring they possess the necessary expertise. Beyond managing the distinct needs of each spouse, these caregivers serve as mediators during moments of agitation or interference in each other’s care.

Our couples care services are available in both assisted living and residential settings. While it’s more common in private residences, many assisted living communities accommodate couples living with dementia in the same apartment, allowing them to remain together in familiar surroundings.

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