The From Hospital to Home Guide is the only piece of information you will need to understand what is going to happen as your family member begins the process of going from a hospital to a nursing facility to their home.

When discharge planners and social workers talk with families a lot of what is said can be lost, forgotten, or not understood.  For some families, they are not able to be present in the meeting, and the senior needs to take care of their discharge planning.

We made this guide because we have met too many families in Massachusetts that have no idea what to do in these situations and feel they have to make major decision quickly with out have the right information.

What You Will Learn With The From Hospital to Home Guide

This guide will give you everything thing you need in understanding the following:


  • What is Discharge Planning?
  • Who Are the Key Players?
  • Understanding the Discharge Planning Process
  • Where Do Discharging Patients Go?
  • Preparing for Long-Term Recovery
  • 6 Steps to Recovering At Home
  • About Minute Women Home Care
  • The Risks of Falling in Older Adults
  • Understanding 24 Hour / Live In Care
  • Paid Home Care for Veterans
  • Caring for Those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia


How To Get The From Hospital To Home Guide

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