Technology Care Solutions for Seniors

We provide elders the freedom of choice, allowing them to choose where to age with the highest quality of life and safety, by applying technology.

We embrace safety and contactless care without sacrificing quality using non-intrusive remote wellness checking.

The safety and security of our loved ones is paramount to all of us, but we must not forget to care for the caregivers.

Technology allows for a degree of relief from the stress, time commitment and emotional strain of onsite caregiving by only alerting caregivers you when there is an event that requires attention.

24/7 Fall Detection

Using Vayyar Homewall mounted, plug in sensors to scan the residence 24/7 using harmless radio waves. The sensors detect presence in a room, body position and, if a fall is detected, alerts are sent to caregivers to notify them of the fall and possible need for assistance.

Sleep Soundly

Nighttime status tracking that provides information and notifications on seniors’ sleep cycle, awake time and in/out of bed activity. The room
illuminates automatically for increased safety when seniors get out of bed. Alerts are sent to caregivers when the senior leaves bed and returns to bed.


  • Sleep mat with sensors to detect sleep state (deep or light sleep, awake time) and in and out of bed activity
  • Smart out lets/night lights to automatically illuminate the room when the resident leaves bed during the night to help reduce falls
  • Wall sensor monitors seniors 24/7 and alerts caregivers in the case of a fall without the need for wearables, cameras or buttons

Total Solution

Includes 24/7 Fall Detection throughout the residence plus Sleep Sound for additional nighttime monitoring in a single, integrated application.

Our Technology Service

How It Works:

  • Non-intrusive, non-wearable devices remotely monitor
    the senior’s wellness status
  • Real time alerts are sent to the caregiver’s mobile
    phone and dashboard notifying them when there is an
    event requiring attention
  • Data is collected and reported to identify trends and
    changes over time, providing caregivers data driven
    insight into senior’s wellness status for better care

The Benefits:

  • Few unnecessary in-person wellness checks provide
    caregivers more flexibility, time and peace of mind
  • Alerts enable caregivers to respond quickly if assistance
    is needed
  • Convenient, integrated monitoring and information
    reporting to understand the senior’s needs for
    proactive, data-driven care planning.

Enhanced Communication; Medication Reminder; Glucose Monitoring; Blood Pressure Monitor; Smart Scale

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