Remote Monitoring Fall Detection Technology

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How It Works:

  • Fall detectors are installed on walls in all the rooms a senior resides in
  • Once a fall is detected an alert is sent via text to unlimited number of contacts
  • Or the system can be integrated with an alert monitoring company
  • Data is collected in an easy-to-read dashboard for family members

The Benefits:

  • Perfect for seniors in apartments, houses, or assisted living facilities
  • Travels with a senior if they change locations
  • Alerts are sent to an unlimited number of contacts
  • No wearables, cameras or buttons
  • No interaction needed from the senior needed
  • Works with couples or with seniors living alone

No Wearables

No Cameras

No Buttons

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Remote Monitoring Tech

Designed for seniors everywhere: home care companies, assisted living facilities, residential homes, and family caregivers.

WellAware Care integrates smart wellness devices, like Vayyar home, to detect fall events and alert caregivers in real time when assistance is needed. The WellAware Care’s remote monitoring technology captures behavioral and biometric data providing data to family caregivers enabling them to help seniors using data-driven care decisions.

Fall Detection and Presence monitoring system uses a wall mounted device to detect all types of falls from strokes, CHF, and UTIs. Families are alerted in real-time when a fall occurs so assistance can quickly be provided, eliminating seniors stranded on the floor and preventing hospitalizations.

Sleep Sound smart bed pads monitor nighttime activity. When a senior leaves bed at night smart lights automatically illuminate for increased safety and caregivers are notified of the in and out of bed activity. Collected data is reported for wellness insight and proactive care planning, including sleep time and quality and heart rate reporting.

24/7 Fall Detection

Using plug-n-play technology, once installed our fall detection monitors will scan for falls 24/7 using harmless radio waves. The sensors detect presence in a room, body position and, if a fall is detected, alerts are sent to caregivers to notify them of the fall and possible need for assistance.

Smart Bed Pad

Using a small smart sleeping pad that is placed under the mattress, we can track nighttime status hat provides information and notifications on seniors’ sleep cycle, awake time and in/out of bed activity. This is helpful for understanding for UTIs, medication management decisions and general safety concerns.

Data & Information

For adult-children that live further away from their elder family members, having an online cloud-based dashboard to view data about your loved ones allows you to know much more about what is happening in the home. For example, we can track fall events, even those which the senior gets back up from on their own. This allows you to see the decline in near real time, providing you the opportunity to react before a catastrophic event occurs, rather than after.

Smart Lights

Working in conjunction with the smart bed pad, when a senior uses the bathroom in the middle of the night, lights will automatically turn on illuminating the path to the bathroom. Once back in bed, the pad signals to the lights to turn off.


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