8 02, 2019

Understanding Short-Term Rehab

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Today we talk about short-term rehab and understanding why people need to use their services after leaving a hospital, like having a fall and breaking a bone.   Many think that after leaving short-term rehab that the skip right out of there, which is usually not the case.  More help is needed in the home through [...]

28 01, 2019

Are Physicians Getting Burned Out?

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 A recent article in the Boston Globe brings up the alarming concern about physician burnout.  The profession is "struggling with the unyielding demands of electronic health record systems and ever-growing regulatory burdens." We discuss: What our experiences have been with doctors How we view electronic records The ongoing regulations of health care Pajama time! Cost of employee turnover Ideas to [...]

24 01, 2019

Are Employers Unprepared for the Caregiver Crisis?

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Today we talk about a WSJ article about how employers are unprepared for the caregiver crisis that is affecting their employees. Many of the employees are stressed out because they are balancing work life with their personal life that involves being a family caregiver. While this problem is occurring now, it is expected to worsen as the [...]