The Universal Language of Engagement

At Minute Women, our Alzheimer’s certified caregivers go beyond providing basic care—their mission is to form genuine connections that elevate our clients’ dignity and quality of life.

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Our client, Sylvia, faced a host of social challenges due to her limited English skills, which hindered her ability to engage with others effectively. Feeling isolated and frustrated, she often avoided social events at the senior center, leading to a monotonous routine of staying home and watching television or listening to music day after day.


Sylvia’s struggle to communicate and connect with others left her feeling isolated and disheartened. Despite her desire to engage more actively, she felt constrained by her language barrier and lacked the motivation to seek out new experiences.


Regina and Amy, Minute Women caregivers, recognized Sylvia’s desire for engagement and worked collaboratively to find creative solutions tailored to her needs. Drawing upon Sylvia’s cultural background, they researched activities enjoyed by seniors in her home country and adapted them to suit her abilities. This included modifying traditional games like mahjong and providing easy-to-use coloring supplies.

Additionally, Amy noticed Sylvia’s admiration for her nail polish but understood her reluctance to engage in lengthy nail-painting sessions.

To address this, Amy sourced quick-drying nail polish, allowing Sylvia to enjoy beautiful nails without the inconvenience of waiting for them to dry.


Incorporating engaging activities into Sylvia’s daily routine had a profound impact on her overall well-being. She experienced improvements in various aspects of her life, including better sleep patterns, increased positivity, and enhanced physical health. By introducing these small yet meaningful changes, Sylvia’s family observed a remarkable transformation in her mood and vitality, highlighting Minute Women’s personalized live-in care and attention to individual preferences.

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