Reliable, Supportive Care for Vulnerable Clients

At Minute Women, our Alzheimer’s certified caregivers go beyond providing basic care—their mission is to form genuine connections that elevate our clients’ dignity and quality of life.

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Minute Women received a referral from a hospice partner regarding Mildred, a client in Wellesley, diagnosed with severe ALS. Mildred’s condition rendered her nearly bed-bound, relying heavily on caregivers for assistance, particularly with tasks like using the bathroom and getting ready for the day.


Despite her urgent need for dependable care, Mildred faced challenges due to hiring under-the-table caregivers who exhibited unreliability and lacked accountability. Their inconsistent attendance and unprofessional behavior left Mildred feeling vulnerable and powerless, unable to address the situation for fear of retaliation or worsening treatment.


Minute Women stepped in to provide Mildred with stability, consistency, and accountability in her care. By hiring trained and vetted caregivers, Minute Women ensured reliable assistance for Mildred’s daily needs, including timely assistance with using the bathroom and getting ready. Moreover, Minute Women offered Mildred the reassurance of having a live-in care agency handle caregiver training and replacement as needed, relieving her of the burden of managing these aspects herself.


With Minute Women’s support, Mildred found the stability and comfort she desperately needed in her care. The agency’s consistent presence and clear communication provided Mildred with peace of mind, allowing her to navigate her challenging circumstances with greater confidence. Ultimately, Mildred made the decision to move closer to family out-of-state, where she could spend her remaining days surrounded by loved ones. Minute Women’s involvement ensured that Mildred’s transition was supported with dignity and compassion until the end.

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