There’s No Place Like Home For the Holidays

At Minute Women, our Alzheimer’s certified caregivers go beyond providing basic care—their mission is to form genuine connections that elevate our clients’ dignity and quality of life.


Four days before Christmas, Monica reached out to Minute Women seeking assistance in bringing her father-in-law, Richard, home from the hospital. Richard’s impaired memory complicated his medical condition, and would often lead to panic attacks. This made his wife, Betty, nervous about bringing him home without support. The urgency to reunite Richard with his family for the holiday season prompted the need for swift and effective care planning.


Richard’s medical and cognitive challenges, compounded by the holiday rush, presented significant obstacles to transitioning him home safely. Betty’s concerns about managing Richard’s panic episodes added to the complexity of the situation, necessitating a comprehensive dementia care solution that prioritized his comfort and well-being. The family called Minute Women, and we quickly sprung into action.


After discussions with the family, Minute Women suggested a care plan with a live-in caregiver and an awake overnight caregiver for Richard’s around-the-clock needs, allowing the live-in caregiver to rest. As Richard’s condition improved, overnight care ended after four weeks, while the live-in caregiver stayed for the next five months. This arrangement gave Betty respite and bonding time with the caregiver through shared meals and cultural activities.


As Richard’s health declined further, the addition of hospice services ensured his comfort, with Minute Women caregivers seamlessly integrating with the hospice team to provide comprehensive care. This collaborative approach allowed Betty to cherish her role as Richard’s wife, and she found solace in shared experiences, from listening to music and flipping through old photo albums to reflecting on their life journey together.

Eventually, Richard transferred to a hospice house where he passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones, leaving behind cherished memories of love, companionship, and dignified end-of-life care.

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