Empowering Families: Transformative Caregiver Partnerships

At Minute Women, our Alzheimer’s certified caregivers go beyond providing basic care—their mission is to form genuine connections that elevate our clients’ dignity and quality of life.


Scott reached out to Minute Women seeking care for his mother, Debra, who lived with her son Alan in an attached house. Debra’s advancing age and declining physical and cognitive health, coupled with Scott’s full-time job and Alan’s own health issues, placed significant dementia care responsibilities on Alan’s shoulders. Despite his dedication, managing Debra’s needs alongside his own commitments became overwhelming for Alan.


As Debra’s sole caregiver, Alan faced immense pressure in balancing caregiving duties with his personal life and work obligations. The burden of managing medication, household tasks, and ensuring Debra’s safety took a toll on Alan’s well-being and independence. The introduction of professional care in the home brought initial apprehension and adjustment challenges as Debra, Alan, and their new caregivers navigated their new living arrangement and roles.


Minute Women provided two caregivers, Mary and Irene, who split the live-in shift and shared the responsibility of caring for Debra. Despite initial resistance from Alan in relinquishing control over Debra’s care, open communication and reassurance from Minute Women facilitated understanding and cooperation.

By explaining the benefits of sharing caregiving responsibilities, Alan gradually embraced the support provided by Mary and Irene, allowing him to regain aspects of his personal life again.


As the years passed, Debra received consistent and compassionate care from Mary and Irene, enabling Alan to reclaim his autonomy and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle. With the assistance of Minute Women, Debra’s daily needs were met, allowing Alan the freedom to pursue his interests and spend quality time with his mother. Debra’s happiness in witnessing her son’s regained independence and the continued support from Minute Women fostered a positive and harmonious caregiving dynamic, ensuring Debra’s well-being while enabling Alan to lead a fulfilling life outside of caregiving duties.

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