Caregivers of the Month

The caregiver of the month is the title we award to recognize the two caregivers who have exceeded the high standards that we have for our employees. We want to honor and thank the caregivers who do an outstanding job for Minute Women Home Care.

All caregiver of the month recipients are automatically entered into a raffle for a $1,000 gift card at the end of the calendar year.

To be considered for the caregiver of the month, one must:

  • Clock in/out on time with telephony of the Caregiver App
  • Their appearance must meet our standards
  • Provide exceptional caregiver services to our clients

For the caregivers who meet these standards we choose the two who have shown to be exceptional for us and reward them with the following:

  • Caregiver of the Month Certificate
  • Flowers
  • A gift card
  • Name in the $1,000 gift card raffle

July’s Winners

Jael Nanyanzi

Jael is a caregiver of the month for her ability to connect with clients in a professional yet caring manner. She is soft spoken and compassionate when it comes to caring for clients. She is punctual and responsible.

Faith Johnston

Faith is a caregiver of the month for her attention to detail when it comes to her clients. She gets to know her clients so well and does a great job reporting to the office. She is reliable and caring

June’s Winners

Alice Balala

Alice is a caregiver of the month for her dedication and passion for her job. She never gives up on a client regardless of the difficulty of the case. She treats all her clients with dignity and respect.

Martin Kayiwa

Martin is a caregiver of the month because of his kindness and  compassion he treats his clients with. He is so flexible with his schedule so that he can be there for his clients. He is a very professional and caring caregiver.

May’s Winners

Rose Baptiste

Rose is a caregiver of the month for her commitment to her clients. She connects with the client and their families in such a professional yet personable manner. She gives such ease to the families and truly loves what she does and who she takes care of.

Esther Wangui Nyoro

Esther is a caregiver of the month for her reliability and her willingness to help with last minute shifts. She is amazing under pressure and remains calm. She has good will and patience with her clients.

April’s Winners

Mercy Kirika

Mercy is caregiver of the month because of her dedication to the job. She is willing and ready to jump into any case and make it her own. She puts in so much effort to connect with the client and their family.

Elizabeth Mukuye

Elizabeth is caregiver of the month because of her kind and caring approach when caring for a client. She makes families feel at peace with the care their loved one is receiving. She is always willing to learn and be a team player.

March’s Winners

Joshua Mainuka

Joshua is a caregiver of the month because he is quick to jump in and help out to cover shifts. He has worked hard to gain the trust and adoration of the clients he cares for at Minute Women.

Samalie Mukasa

Samalie is a caregiver of the month because she has always been so willing to be flexible with her schedule and will help out wherever and whenever she can. She not only gets to know and befriends her clients but she does that with the families as well.

February’s Winners

Ann Batherson

Ann is a caregiver of the month for her patience. She has been a valued member of the team for many years. She is dedicated to connecting with each and every client she cares for, even if it requires thinking outside the box!

Doris Kotei

Doris is a caregiver of the month because she is committed to care for clients, even when the going gets rough. She excels at forming bonds not only with the client, but also with their families.

January’s Winners

Stella Nanono

Stella is a caregiver of the month for her dedication and dependability when caring for her clients. She never misses a chance to help out whenever she is needed.

Resty Nabiryo

Resty is a caregiver of the month for her compassion and willingness to help her client. She proved her dedication to the job within her first shift with us and has continued showing us the same level of dedication.

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