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Looking for caregiving tools? Caring for a loved one is a difficult task to face alone. To help you navigate the complex and sometimes overwhelming options available for senior care, we assembled this index of valuable resources for your reference. To view a specific topic, please click on one of the buttons above.

We believe in empowering families to make the right decisions for their parents and relatives. That’s why we curated this list of tools to contain the best tips, directories, blogs, and financial assistance available on the web. Whether you’re looking for a caregiver, a long-term care facility, or information on the associated costs of senior care, we wanted to be as thorough as possible for your benefit.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or to contact a qualified medical professional.

General Caregiving Tools

This list provides general information about senior care, including how to find care and how to choose the right type of care for your family. You can use this list to become familiar with the different standards for home care, how to move a loved one into a new home, and how to locate qualified professionals who can make your transition easier.

AARP Local Resources List

National Move Managers

Area Aging Service Provider Finder

Caregiver Tools: Community Resource Finder Thumbnail

Multiple Guides For Senior Care


Family Caregiver Alliance

Family Caregiver Alliance Tool Thumbnail

AARP HomeFit Guide

Caregiver Tools: AARP HomeFit Guide Thumbnail

AARP Glossary of Care

Caregiver Tools: AARP Basic caregiver Glossary Thumbnail

Geriatric Care Manager

Caregiving.com 101

Caregiving .com Caregiver Tool thumbnail

National Aging In Place – Planning for Aging In Place

Caregiver Tool: Age In Place Planner Thumbnail

Cost of Care

These tools explain the different costs, subsidies, and government programs that can help you pay for senior care. If you’re looking for explanations on caregiving costs or types of insurance, this section is for you.


Caregiver Tools: Genworth Cost of Care Survey Thumbnail

AARP – Understandin LTCi

Medicare Advantage Options

Caregiver Tools; Caregiver Homes from Senior Link Thumbnail


Caregiver Tools: VeteransAid About Thumbnail

Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program

Caregiver Tools: Federal Long Term Insurance Program Thumbnail

Ultimate Aid and Attendance Guide

Caregiver Tools: Minute Women Veteran's Aid Guide Thumbnail

What is Medicare Advantage?

Caregiver Tools: Medicare.gov Advantage Plans Thumbnail

Hospitals & Doctors

These websites will help you find the right doctors, clinics, and hospitals for your family’s senior care. Finding the right provider can be a complex, personal choice, so we selected these tools to help you navigate online reviews and locations.

CMS – Compare Hospitals & Doctors

Caregiver Tools: Medicare.gov Nursing Home Finder

Dcotor Reviews

Caregiver Tools: Healthgrade's Healthcare Finder Thumbnail

Best Geriatric Hospitals

Assisted Living Facilities

These resources can connect you with Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) near you, complete with costs and reviews. You can use these tools to search national listings for the best ALFs.

Find Assisted Living (no cost to you)

Caregiver Tools: Assisted Living Locators Thumbnail

Assisted Living Review

Caregiver Tools: Caring.com Assisted Living Finder Thumbnail

Nursing Homes

These directories can help you locate and compare the best nursing homes in your area for long-term senior care. If your loved one is looking for a new home in a community of other seniors, these lists will help you get there.

Nursing Home Compare

Caregiver Tools: Medicare.gov Nursing Home Finder

U.S. News Best Nursing Homes

Caregiver Tools: US News' Best Nursing Homes Thumbnail

Home Care & Hospice

If you’re looking for home care, hospice care, or end-of-life care, these search tools can help you get started. Whether you need information on agency accreditation or patients’ rights, these websites will offer a thorough explanation.

Understand Home Care 101

Caregiver Tools: Minute Women's Home Care 101 Guide Thumbnail

Home Care Reviews

Caregiver tools: Caring.com In-Home care locator thumbnail

VNA and Hospice Basics

Caregiver tools: Homecare and Hospice Care Basics thumbnail

VNA and Hospice Agency Locator

Caregiver tools; Home or Hospice care locator thumbnail

Family Caregiving Tools

Is your family providing care to your loved ones directly? These tips and guides will make your job easier. You can use these websites to find information on the appropriate prescriptions, forms, and regulations for providing care.

AARP Pill Identifier

Caregiver tools: AARP Pill Identifier thumbnail

Elder Law Attorney Locator

AAA Senior Driving Ability Guide

Caregiver Tools: AAA Senior Driver Safety Thumbnail

Advanced Directive Forms by State

Caregiver tools: AARP Advanced Directives Forms thumbnail

Elder Scams and Fraud Tracker

Caregiver Tools: AARP Scam Alert Thumbnail

5 Wishes Advanced Directives

Caregiver Tools: Five Wishes Healthcare Programs Thumbnail

Caregiver Stress Check

Caregiver Tools: Caregiver Stress Check Thumbnail

Adult Daycare

These locators will connect you with the best adult daycare centers in your area to protect and nurture your loved ones. You can also find specialists for providing Alzheimer’s and dementia care while prioritizing safety and comfort.

Adult Day Care Finder

Caregiver Tools: Caring.com Adult Day Care FinderThumbnail

Alzheimer’s Association Adult Day Care Finder

Caregiver Tools: Alzheimer's Association Adult Day Centers Thumbnail

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

This library of helpful guides can help you navigate the challenges of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. It includes tips for cognitive assessment and communication with loved ones affected by these illnesses.

AA Dementia Care Resources

AA Virtual Library of Information

Caregiver Tools: Alzheimer Assoc. Virtual Library Thumbnail

AA Cognitive Assessment Tools

Caregiver Tools: Cognitive assessment tools Thumbnail

Forums & Support

These groups and organizations offer valuable insights on how to age in place and connect with other seniors. You can use these tools to connect with other caregivers and seniors who are familiar with elder care.

Caregiver Action Network

Caregiver Tools: Caregiver Action Heart Fail caregiver Navigator Thumbnail


Caregiver Tools: Agincare Thumbnail

Family Caregiver Alliance

Caregiver Tools: FCA Form Thumbnail

Elder Orphans / Solo Aging Facebook Group

Caregiver Tools: Elder Orphans Facebook group Thumbnail

Next Step in Care

Caregiver Tools: Next Step In care Thumbnail

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