Long-term care insurance has been around for 30 years. Despite this, many people are confused by what services it covers, its target audience, and whether or not they should purchase it for when they eventually need care. In addition, it is intimidating to learn a whole new industry, and I hope that you got it right for you need it the most.

A big question that almost everyone has is, is it worth it? Is this insurance worth the upfront money for the benefits that it provides? Of course, if one dies suddenly, then the insurance policy was a waste, but what happens if you do need the policy? Does the upfront cost justify what it pays for on the back end?  Or is it better to save on your own and pay as out of pocket?

Luckily, our friends over at Angie’s List came up with a great infographic to help explain and answer all of these complicated answers. Read this infographic to get all the information you might need to decide on whether long-term care insurance is the right type of insurance to by, or if it isn’t the right product for you.

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long-term care insurance

long-term care insurance infographic via Angie’s List